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On September 4th, the America China Hotel Association Corp. held a dinner party at Golden Unicorn to celebrate the Mid-autumn Festival in advance. For thousands of years, people would reunite with family and friends and have a grand festival feast. It was a good time for members of the America China Hotel Association Corp. and distinguished guests to take a break from the everyday busy work life and enjoy excellent wine and pleasant food together.

Chairman John Lam began the dinner party with a warm welcoming speech to the honorable guests of the night. As the Chairman of the Association, he has always helped the Chinese community and bring businesses together. Chairman John Lam then proposed a toast with the guest, and thus began the dinner.

Some talented guests also showed their voice and sang various beautiful songs to all the people present.

The dinner party’s objective was to allow the guests to share each other’s vision on the Chinese American community as well as a social platform for the guests to have the opportunity to provide support to each other. What’s more, distinguished guests from China Eastern Airlines and China Southern Airlines introduced their benefits offered explicitly to members of the Association.

On behave of the America China Hotel Association Corp. we sincerely thank all the attended guests and their never-ending support and dedication.


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