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On February 22nd, the America China Hotel Association Corp. held the annual Lunar New Year Celebration dinner at Golden Unicorn. It is a traditional way of celebrating the new year and reconnecting with friends and family. The annual dinner gave the Association the opportunity to bring together the board of directors as well as a certain number of distinguished guests,whom has greatly supported the Association throughout the years.

Chairman John Lam began the New Year Celebration Dinner with a warm welcoming speech to the honorable guests of the night. Thanking the sponsors and supports who has been continuously contributing to the Chinese American community. As the Chairman of the Association, he has always helped the Chinese community and bring businesses together. Chairman John Lam then proposed a toast with the guest, and thus began the dinner.

The event itself was a delight. From the Board of Directors, President William Su, Senior Vice Chairman Derek Law, Vice Chairman Bentley Zhao, Vice Chairman Daniel Chen, Hon Chairman Jason Lin, Legal Counsel Lisa Lim, and board members Johnny Liu, Cynthia Liu, and Lily Yu have all attended the annual dinner. Other distinguishing guests such as Scott Chan, Simon Leung, Jason Lam, Nicole Wong, Yu Ming Cai, and Vivian Shi have all attended the event.

The annual dinner objective was to allow the guests to share each other’s vision on the Chinese American community as well as a social platform for the guests to have the opportunity to provide support to each other. On behave of the America China Hotel Association Corp. we sincerely thank all the attended guests and their never ending support and dedication.


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